Why Do I Have Dark Circles – The Answer For You!

Dark Circles

At one point or the other, every man or woman has looked into dark eye circle treatment. Those blue tinted circles under the eye have caused a lot of us grief. A surprisingly detailed article on www.webmd.com/ purports that simple things like wearing sun glasses can lighten those pesky circles. There are a number of reasons that cause dark circles to appear. Here, we explain them so that you can pinpoint the root problem and then take relevant action.

Most of us have heard that lack of sleep is the main reason for those purple bruises to appear on our faces. But, this is only partially correct while not getting the required beauty sleep does darken the under-eye area it is just one of the reasons. One such reason is bad genes. Yes, dark circles are hereditary. If your parents suffer from them, then chances are you would too. The only way to solve the issue is to go for a laser treatment. The other reason for dark circles is pigmentation.

Constant rubbing of the eye can also cause the skin to appear red and blue. This happens because the motion leads to broken blood vessels which cause inflammation and swelling. Thus, if your eyes are itchy due to any reason like allergy or eczema, take proper care. Try to avoid rubbing them. It will only darken the area under the eyes. Further, eczema itself can give a bruised look to the eye.

For some people, it is not an issue like broken blood vessels that give the eyes a blue tinge. It is their very presence that causes the dark circles. The veins under our eyes and on our eyelids, are blue. Since the layer of skin on both these parts is thin, the blue shade makes the skin look darker than it is. In such cases, the only way to take care of the dark circles is to use a good concealer. Try a few different shades and brands. It will help you find the best concealer that covers up the circles efficiently.

The sun is a must for all of us. It is the best source of vitamin D. Therefore, most of us love to head out in the skin and give ourselves some tender care and love. But the sun itself could be the reason for your dark circles. The area around our eyes has very thin skin. Exposure to the sun causes the veins under the eye to dilate, increasing blood flow. This leads to damage, i.e., dark circles. To ensure that your eyes are bright and light always protect the skin from the sun. Wear sunscreen with the appropriate SPF.

Take into consideration all these factors before you start working on lightening the dark circles under your eye. The skin in the area is very delicate, and it should be handled with due care. The good news is dark circle treatment can solve the problem for most people. Consult a good dermatologist or plastic surgeon to manage the issue.

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