5 Yoga Poses To Lose Weight


The weighing scales do not paint a very rosy picture. Every time you check your weight, you notice the pointer moving towards the right as if by the force of gravity. If you are concerned about those flabs and wish to lose those extra pounds, try practicing yoga for weight loss and reap the benefits as recommended by doctors at www.webmd.com

Yoga is the science of well-being and brings together your mind, body and soul in complete unison and harmony. This age-old practice is associated with the holistic health of an individual, and when adopted as part of your fitness routine, you can feel the differences yourself.

A typical yoga pose involves bending, twisting, inversion and open up muscles. If you are looking for weight loss solutions, these 5 postures might come handy.

1. Surya Namaskar
Surya Namaskar or sun salutation consists of a series of twelve asanas that bring the mind, body and breath in unison. When they are practised in the morning, it helps rejuvenate the body and leaves you feeling fresh and energetic. The cyclic movement of this asana involves controlled breathing, forward and back bend.

This asana assists in weight loss, strengthens joints and ligaments, better digestive power, treats insomnia and regularizes menstrual cycle.

2. Warrior Pose Or Veerabhadrasana
This graceful yoga pose is performed by standing straight with the legs wide apart at a convenient distance. Turn the right foot outwards at an angle of 90 degrees and rotate the left foot slightly inward at an angle of 15 degrees. The heel of the right foot must be aligned with the center of the left foot.

Lift both the arms sideways and place them at shoulder height with the palms facing the ground. Bend the right leg and turn your head to the same direction. Push down the pelvis and hold this pose for few minutes. Observe regular breathing, inhaling when you twist your body and exhaling each time you relax. Return to normal position and repeat with the other side.

This asana is known to offer relief from frozen shoulders, improves balance and improves your confidence level.

3. Triangular Pose Or Trikonasana
Stand straight and keep your legs wide apart. Turn the right foot by 90 degrees and take the left foot in by 15 degrees. Your feet must be placed firmly on the ground, and your weight must be equally balanced on both the feet. As you exhale, turn your upper part of the body to the right and ensure that your waist is straight.

Place the left hands up in the air while the right-hand touch the floor. Your body must be bent sideways, and there must be no jerky movements. Return to the initial position and repeat for the other side.

Benefits include improved digestion and a balanced state of mind.

4. Upward Plank Or Purvottanasana
This yoga posture targets your back, arms, wrists and strengthens muscles. It is a good form of exercise for the respiratory system and works on developing the core strength of the body.

5. Boat Pose
Lie down on your back and lift your upper body and legs in a V-shape. Hold this position for few seconds and come back to the normal position. This exercise targets the abdominal muscles and is an excellent way to get rid of stubborn fat deposits around the stomach.

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Why Do I Have Dark Circles – The Answer For You!

Dark Circles

At one point or the other, every man or woman has looked into dark eye circle treatment. Those blue tinted circles under the eye have caused a lot of us grief. A surprisingly detailed article on www.webmd.com/ purports that simple things like wearing sun glasses can lighten those pesky circles. There are a number of reasons that cause dark circles to appear. Here, we explain them so that you can pinpoint the root problem and then take relevant action.

Most of us have heard that lack of sleep is the main reason for those purple bruises to appear on our faces. But, this is only partially correct while not getting the required beauty sleep does darken the under-eye area it is just one of the reasons. One such reason is bad genes. Yes, dark circles are hereditary. If your parents suffer from them, then chances are you would too. The only way to solve the issue is to go for a laser treatment. The other reason for dark circles is pigmentation.

Constant rubbing of the eye can also cause the skin to appear red and blue. This happens because the motion leads to broken blood vessels which cause inflammation and swelling. Thus, if your eyes are itchy due to any reason like allergy or eczema, take proper care. Try to avoid rubbing them. It will only darken the area under the eyes. Further, eczema itself can give a bruised look to the eye.

For some people, it is not an issue like broken blood vessels that give the eyes a blue tinge. It is their very presence that causes the dark circles. The veins under our eyes and on our eyelids, are blue. Since the layer of skin on both these parts is thin, the blue shade makes the skin look darker than it is. In such cases, the only way to take care of the dark circles is to use a good concealer. Try a few different shades and brands. It will help you find the best concealer that covers up the circles efficiently.

The sun is a must for all of us. It is the best source of vitamin D. Therefore, most of us love to head out in the skin and give ourselves some tender care and love. But the sun itself could be the reason for your dark circles. The area around our eyes has very thin skin. Exposure to the sun causes the veins under the eye to dilate, increasing blood flow. This leads to damage, i.e., dark circles. To ensure that your eyes are bright and light always protect the skin from the sun. Wear sunscreen with the appropriate SPF.

Take into consideration all these factors before you start working on lightening the dark circles under your eye. The skin in the area is very delicate, and it should be handled with due care. The good news is dark circle treatment can solve the problem for most people. Consult a good dermatologist or plastic surgeon to manage the issue.

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Bowflex Max Trainer M3 Vs M5

Bowflex Max Trainer M3 Vs M5

The Max Trainers from Bowflex have been manufactured to provide maximum calorie burning effect within the least amount of time. The company guarantees that the machines will offer complete body workouts within a span of just 14 minutes. The Max Trainer models are designed with an ability to shed 2.5 times more calories while keeping the upper body engaged for 80 percent more than other workout machines. Some of the popular models from Bowflex include Max Trainer M3 and M5. If you are unsure which model to choose, you can check online where you find that max trainer reviews are mostly positive which helps you in getting a better insight. Here we will discuss the benefits of max trainer:

Max Trainer M3 Vs M5 Similarities
Max Trainer Technology: Both the M3 and M5 series have the same movement types to offer an effective workout. The machines combine the features of stair climbers and elliptical machine. As a result, it offers workout to your overall body.
Fluid Design: The design of both models is almost similar. They are sleek providing adequate space for your arms and feet. Other features include a cup holder and a tab dock.
Free Returns: These models offer refund policy wherein users can claim refund within 6 weeks of purchase if they are unhappy with the machine.

Max Trainer M3 Vs M5 Differences
Some of the major differences between the M3 and M5 have been listed below.
The M3 model consists of single program workout in addition to manual option and M5 offers 10 workout programs. With M3, you need to do it on your own whereas M5 does it for you.
M3 does not have heart rate monitor but the M5 has this feature.
M3 is a basic model and does not have speaker and Bluetooth connectivity like M5.

Tips to choose between M3 and M5
These points can be considered if you are unsure which model to choose. Both the models are effective and burn maximum calories to help you achieve your fitness goals.
Choose M3 model if you are investing in an exercise machine to perform casual workouts in order to burn calories and keep yourself fit. The basic features of M3 will suffice to help you lose weight. The Max Trainer concept is very much present in this model and hence it will be a good investment to make. There is no compromise with regards to quality of material used and construction when you choose M3.
Choose M5 if your goal is to perform workouts with higher intensity. Majority of professionals use M5 as it offers intense exercise effect. With the M5, users can obtain better workouts as there are preset programs. Also, the heart rate monitor and the speakers are the additional features that come handy. The M5 model is backed by one year warranty which is an added benefit.
Thus, these are some of the key differences and similarities between Bowflex Max Trainer M3 and M5. You can go through the features of both the models and choose the one that meets your fitness requirements to the fullest. All in all, the Max Trainer is an effective way to burn calories as it offers a total body workout.

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