Let New Moon Rituals Recharge Your Inner Being!

New Moon Rituals gathering

Why is it that people have become so preoccupied with the nitty-gritty of their lives? We are so engulfed by our work and commitments that we often fail to appreciate the simple things that life has to offer. We were much happier during our childhood, and that is due to the fact that as children we believed in Magic! Not the ordinary parlor tricks and sleight of hand that conjurers often perform to amuse an ingenuous audience. But, rather, we were amazed by the mystifying magic of Nature.

As adults, we lose that feeling of wonder and awe. However, if you want to experience that wonder again, all you have to do is click over here, and get yourself back on the track of true bliss. A recent article in the website huffingtonpost.com was an eye-opener of sorts. Did you know that there are many people who believe in undertaking certain rituals during specific periods of the Moon’s phase, so as to bring about a revival of positive energy within one’s inner being?

Since time immemorial, the moon has been a symbol of purity and love. No sonnet would be complete without at least one line dedicated towards this heavenly body. And so, is it of any surprise when people use the New Moon phase to undergo rituals that aim to bring about a cleansing of the inner soul? According to experienced practitioners, there is no better time that the New Moon to undergo a ritual cleansing and rejuvenation, as the moon’s phase is symbolic of new beginnings and new intentions.

So, what are the steps involved while preparing for a New Moon Ritual?
Like any ritual, the New Moon Ritual has a few customary steps that ought to be adhered to, so as to derive the maximum benefit. The New Moon ritual requires a few easily acquired materials. Usually, the materials needed are an assortment of candles (scented ones are best), sea salts, sage, crystals like quartz, pen, and paper, pure water, etc.

The first step involves finding the place that is best to conduct it. Remember, the aim is to recharge the positivity within yourself, so the place that you choose must be one that has positive energy. Many people feel it better to undergo such rituals outdoors, perhaps in a secluded part of the garden. If this is not possible, find a clean and uncluttered space within your home.

Since this is an activity to cleanse the soul, a ritual bath becomes necessary. Use natural ingredients like sea-salt while bathing. Sea salt rids the body of negative energy. Light aromatic candles around the place where you are bathing, as this will soothe and calm you. Burn sage, and allow the smoke to envelop you, again ridding your body of unwanted negative and dark energy.

Once, you are prepared, sit in the chosen place, after lighting a few candles for soft illumination. Burn sage or incense, and focus on the intention. Bring your deepest desires to the center of your mind. You may wish for health, prosperity, anything, but avoid any sort of negative thoughts. Use the pen and paper to write it down and read it many times to yourself. Meditate and let the intention flow through you.

The New Moon ritual is a slow and steady process, but many swear by its potency!

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